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Increased Care + Revenue 

Dr. Ira Kraus, DPM

Dr. Ira Kraus, DPM


In the wound care space? Here’s why you’ll want 15 minutes with us:

With ZERO Added Costs, We..

Increase Patient Care

Decrease Your Costs

Increase Your Revenue

Decrease Workload

Ok, I’m listening…

Who We Are…

Here at Real Medicine, we’ve used our 100+ years of combined experience in the Health & Wellness Arena to create the perfect system of empowering our physician’s ability to provide quality care while increasing their cohesiveness in building a more successful business.

The best part?

Our business is ZERO expense to you.

Our specialties include:

  • Wound Care Therapies
  • Skin Substitutes
  • Advanced Biologics

Again, our only business is adding to yours.

“The more you have,

the more you can give.”

Let’s get you more of…

  • Positive Patient Outcomes
  • Affordability to Patients
  • Product Cost and Payment Terms
  • Provider and Practice Cash Flow
  • Provider, Patient, and Practice Needs
  • Product Availability
  • Time to Scale at Provider level

Keep current products, just add ours too…


*more product availability


*less administrative work


*satisfied physicians

Why We're Different...

We work with the products you already use, plus we add options into your service which allow you to maximize patient care, patient coverage, and insurance reimbursment!

Ready for Our “How”…

How our system instantly boosts your business…


ONE Verification Form

Our insurance verification process utilizes one form to provide you a multitude of treatment options. You’ll save time by submitting with our one and done!

Insurance Matching

Our system matches products to covered insurance plans across multiple contracted manufactures, enabling your decision for ideal business and patient care!

Strategic Report

Our strategic report includes a full summary for multiple treatment options:


  • non-biased report
  • graft cost per unit
  • reimbursement per unit
  • profitability per graft
  • primary/secondary insurance information
  • patient responsibility

Added success in 15mins…


Our System is ZERO Cost to you!


Proprietary software for your ease


No Exclusivity Contracts!


Same Day Appointments


Our Business is Your Business

Your Upgrade Starts Now

Or call — (702) 534-2577

“As a current client, I can personally attest to my ongoing success in this NO COST PROGRAM. They redefine Extreme Satisfaction and all you have to do is schedule their demo or contact any of their many grateful clients.”


President of Talar Medical GPO

Better Health Care is Our Mission

Same Day Appointments are Available.

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